Soest is in the centre of the Netherlands. Amersfoort and Utrecht are the nearest bigger towns. Amersfoort has bus connections to Soest (every half hour) and it's about a 15 minutes drive. Utrecht is a bigger city slightly further away (30 mins. drive) and has trains running to Soest every half hour. Both Utrecht and Amersfoort have pretty historic city centers with canals. Amsterdam is about 1 hours drive from Soest.

Wedding: Gemeentehuis Soest

Raadhuisplein 1
3762 AV

Party: 't Eekhoornnest

Birkstraat 118b




The hostel in Soest StayOkay is only open from 16th of March - 27th October. They are open over weekends on request and for groups over 10 people.

There are several hotel in Amersfoort city centre:

  • Logies de Tabaksplant (Edge of town centre - We are staying here ourselves, prices from around €70 per night (single) / €80 per night (two persons))

Holiday cottage

't Eekhoornnest
(English website)
Same location as our party. Change over dates are on Friday's, so either Friday - Friday or Friday - Monday, from €290 for a week.

B&B's in Soest

Bed & Breakfast Buitengewoon Soest
(Dutch website only, owners speak Dutch, English and German)
Veenzoom 6
3766 ME Soest
Phone: +31(0)35 60 11 555
Mobile: +31(0)6 2156 56 66
B&B €95 (1st night) €75 (2nd night and longer) per night for 2 persons.

Bed & Breakfast Paleis om de Hoek
(Dutch website only)
Dorresteinweg 74
3763 LL Soest
Mobile: +31 (0)6 539 630 16
B&B €85 per night for 2 persons
Mid-week (Monday - Friday) €300 for 2 persons


There are probably more B&B's in Amersfoort - Google is your friend.