Welsh Celebration

We will be celebrating with our friends and family in Wales on Saturday, 12th March, from 6pm onwards.

The party will be taking place at the Norton House Hotel in Mumbles, South Wales.

We'll be having a buffet dinner at 7.30pm ish.

Mumbles is a small town on Swansea Bay, about 5 miles west of Swansea.

It's a pretty town with small shops and a nice walk along the sea front. Mumbles and Swansea are also pretty close to the Gower Peninsula, which has the most amazing coastline and countryside for hiking / surfing / being generally energetic!

There are plenty of b&bs in Mumbles itself for people staying over, plus larger hotels in Swansea.

Read more about Mumbles.

As Marijn isn't really comfortable in a suit, we're having a 'no suits' recommendation for both the Dutch Wedding and Welsh Party! If you're most comfy in a suit, feel free, but there's no expectation...